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Aadityacare Maternity Hospital

Aadityacare Maternity Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai is brainchild of Dr Pradnya Randive Jadhav, the Director of Aadityacare Maternity Hospital. The idea she conceived in the mind is now of the Best Maternity Hospital in Mulund & Bhandup and in the entire Central Suburbs of Mumbai.

Aaditycare Maternity Hospital approaches childbirth from the viewpoint of the would be mom, carefully listening and accordingly advising. The consultation and consulting sessions are the place where the child is conceive. The Doctors do all the necessary Due Diligence and prepare the would be parents and advise treatments & medication.

Director Dr Pradnya Randive MS(OBGY), MBBS, DPH(Mum)

Aadityacare Maternity Hospital is headed by Dr Pradnya Randive Jadhav, she is an experienced Laproscopic Surgeon, with more than Twelve years of Practise, has done several infertility corrective laproscopic hysteroscopic surgeries, and has helped infertile couples to become proud parents of healthy babies. To her credit she has performed several complicated laproscopic and open surgeries for fibroid uterus, sling surgeries, family planning procedures, Urogynaecological and pelvic floor repair surgeries. She takes care of all high risk obstetrics cases, she and her team at Aadityacare Maternity has prime motto to ensure vaginal deliveries for all the patients and vaginal (FTND) which can be assisted (Forceps / Vacuum) delivery if situation arises. VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section) is also promoted and performed by her.

Best Maternity Hospital

Through her passion, dedication and perpetual efforts, with selfless services Dr Pradnya Randive Jadhav had led Aadtiycare Maternity Hospital to be the Best Maternity Hospital in Mulund & Bhandup and in the enitre Central Suburbs of Mumbai.

What to Expect at Aadityacare Maternity Hospital

Apart from the Medical Services like Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Assisted Reproductive Services, Ultrasonography Services expect the best services, helpful & caring Doctors, Nurses, Aya, Moushi, Paramedics & Medical staff. Aadityacare Maternity Hospital is Baby friendly hospital having services like Postnatal care, Neonatal care for their patients. Moreover the best is all the services are available under one roof, all scanning, tests and other checkups are available under one roof, making it one of the Best Maternity Hospital in Mulund & Bhandup and in entire Central Suburbs of Mumbai.

On offer are advanced antenatal, birthing, post-partum, neonatal and gynecology, Obstetrics, Assisted Reproductive Services, Ultrasonography Services from the best, the state of the art ambience creates warmth and comfort, delivered by the team that believes as much in empathy as in excellence. What also gives Aadityacare Maternity Hospital an edge over others, is the sheer confidence of Dr Pradnya Randive Jadhav and her unbeatable team. To make it simple, Aadtiyacare Maternity Hospital is about making the life altering nine months not only joyous a result of personalized care lavished on every mom-to-be, and is worth more of all the doubts, the aches and the butterflies.

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