Aaditycare Maternity Hospital & Nursing Home in Mulund & Bhandup

Aaditycare Nursing Home In Mulund

Aaditycare Maternity Hospital situated in the suburb of central Mumbai, Mulund is one of the Best Maternity Hospital in Mulund, catering to patient across Bhandup, Mulund & Thane. Aadityacare Maternity Hospital is headed by Dr Pradnya Randive Jadhav, she is the Director of the Hospital, leading a task force of Medical Assistants, Nurses, Aayas etc.

Best Maternity Hospital & Nursing Home

Best Maternity Hospital & Nursing Home

Every couple naturally wants the best for their baby, finding a maternity hospital suitable, which has all the facility under one roof and which is within the budget is not that easy. In Bhandup, Mumbai, your search ends at Aadityacare Maternity Hospital, they have all the necessary facilities that must be available, so that proper care is taken of you and your new born.


What to Expect at Aadityacare Maternity Hospital

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

If a baby is premature or unwell after she is born, the baby might need special medical care attention. To handle the situations, the hospital or the nursing home should have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The NICU should be equipped with all the medical equipment like incubators, feeding tubes, phototherapy lights, respiratory monitors and cardiac monitors, along with well trained staff , Nurses, attendants, aayas to care of all requirements.

Access to Blood Bank

Access to a blood bank is vital, If there is excessive bleeding after birth, blood transfusion is needed. Making sure well in advance, that the hospital or nursing home has access to blood bank is important. Enquiring about cleanliness, power arrangements and accessibility is also important and should be ascertain. Checking of medical equipment such as needles are opened in front of you and destroyed after use is also important. Some hospitals release blood from their bank if it has donated. The person donating blood, is not necessarily of the same blood type as you, in that case it is best to agree with a family member or a friend beforehand, if required will donate blood.


The services of a maternity or nursing home can be easily gauged from the level of hygiene, equipment, staff, rooms, bathrooms and other cleanliness is well maintained at all the time, ensuring good health of the mom and the baby. Important to ensure, Is the linen cleaned & changed regularly, Is the food cooked hygienically, are the rooms cleaned on daily basis, are the medical equipment sterilised on time to time. Check the bathrooms they can be a source of infection if not properly cleaned. Observe the medical staff wash and sanitise their hands before caring for each patient. The above will make you comfortable knowing that the maternity or the nursing home meets the standard of hygiene.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance services is one of the important facility attached with the hospital, Ambulance should be available or should be immediately made available in in all the critical & serious conditions. Confirmation of the services is important and should be ascertain before admission.

Power Backup

Power cuts are hazardous, hospitals, maternity homes & nursing homes should have continuous uninterupted power supply, making sure that the maternity hospital has a 100 per cent power backup is important. It's not only the lifts, lights and fans that will not work due to the power cut, even Incubators need an uninterrupted power supply, and many medicines needs refrigeration. Also check for other amenities such as round the-clock water supply.